Attempting to manage a team that is forced by circumstances to work remotely is far different than managing employees whose integral functions involve working from home. For many business teams, working together while remaining apart physically takes some adjustment. Here are some tips on how you can make it easier on employees who work from home.

Train Your Personnel

Your employees will be able to work from home more efficiently and with less stress if they receive ongoing training, especially in the early stages. This includes learning how to use online platforms, communication tools, and job-specific software.

Communicate Regularly

Effective communication is imperative in situations in which employees work from home. You need to monitor your team members to find out what is going well and what difficulties they are encountering. Everyone also needs to be aware of short and long term goals.

Use Effective Technology

The proper performance of remote work requires adequate hardware and software. As mentioned above, team members may need training in how to use these new tools. Additionally, be sure that personnel have state of the art security software and know how to protect company information and use strong passwords.

Manage Time

Time management skills are essential for team members to function well in units that are physically scattered. Encourage your employees to set strict schedules for their working hours and create daily to-do lists.

Engender Trust

Since it is not possible to closely supervise teams of employees who work from home, a large measure of trust is required. Keep in mind that you are after results, and resist the urge to micromanage your personnel. Provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs, clarify their goals, and then allow them the freedom to perform the tasks you have assigned to them.

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