Running a business often requires equipment to undertake multiple operations. As you source for equipment, you need to consider leasing. Notably, equipment leasing extends from multi-billion equipment to office equipment. The excerpt highlights how you stand to benefit from equipment leasing.

1.      Flexibility

As an entrepreneur, you need to note that equipment is vulnerable to market changes and becomes obsolete. Purchasing equipment ties you down to prevalent technology needs. This may result in capital losses. With equipment leasing, you get to remain flexible, especially when you need new equipment to improve business performance.

2.      Cut on Tax Liability

It is worth noting that purchased equipment is subject to tax deductions. This form of taxation can overstretch your operational costs. Unlike purchased equipment, equipment leasing exempts you from 100% tax deductions. However, you must ensure that your lease agreement is in order.

3.      Save on Capital

Some business models are capital intensive. Having a bloated budget can give you sleepless nights. You can make things worse by purchasing multi-million pieces of equipment that will be faced out by new technology after a short period. Well, you do not have to worry about this when leasing equipment.

4.      Predictability

Working with purchased equipment is associated with unpredictable costs such as maintenance. Unforeseen expenses can catch you flat-footed. Equipment leasing is hailed for having fixed monthly payments, making it easy to plan your budget with ease.

5.      Increase Operational Expenses

By leasing business equipment, you get to shift from capital expenses to operational expenses. This makes it plausible to tap into new opportunities, especially when it comes to equipment utilization.


Over the years, businesses have been grappling with decision-making when it comes to equipment. It is clear that equipment leasing saves you some bucks and guarantees you flexibility. For custom equipment leasing services, contact Capital Funding Source today.

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