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When deciding how to expand your business, equipment financing for upgrades or additions should sit at or near the top of your list. Not only can new equipment help you expand operations and improve efficiency, but it can also provide a great opportunity for you to reduce tax liabilities with qualifying write-offs. At Capital Funding Source, we provide the loans that help make this possible.

What Programs We Offer

When it comes to financing equipment, we help more than just corporations. We also serve municipalities and various agencies within them, such as schools, libraries, police departments and armed services.

Capital Funding Source also provides startup programs for companies only two years old or younger. This allows business owners to acquire the equipment necessary to step into the next phase of business ownership and success.

Finally, we also offer financing options for companies interested in equipment leasing instead of buying. This is especially useful in industries where technology changes so rapidly that owning equipment is not always worth the investment. There are also tax write-off opportunities for leasing.

Why Choose Us

Unlike traditional lenders, we can get an answer back to you quickly. You can generally expect a response in 24 hours or so. Our financing terms are also reasonable, with term lengths lasting up to 84 months. Here are some additional benefits to look forward to when you choose for your financing needs:

  • Middle marketing dollar values that go up to half a million
  • Loan extensions of up to $150,000 with no need for financial statements
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Little to no money necessary for down payment
  • Offers available for companies with bad credit

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If you have received several denials in the past, it is only natural that you feel some hesitance about applying for equipment financing. Give our team a call. We can review your information and determine what you may qualify for before you submit a formal application. Call for more information.


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