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An effective email marketing campaign is a powerful and cost-effective tool for your business. Smart email marketing works together with the rest of your marketing plan to engage customers and inspire purchases.

At Capital Funding Source, we offer email marketing services that will help you stay connected to your loyal customers.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with customers, with recent research showing that 99% of consumers check their email daily, and most prefer it as the way they want to hear from businesses.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • Targeted messaging: Through personalized email campaigns, businesses send the right messages to the right customers.
  • Website traffic: Calls to action in an email campaign bring customers to your website.
  • Audience communication: Connecting with your audience through consistent email marketing keeps the conversation going with your most loyal customers.
  • Sales awareness: Sending promotions and product releases through emails gets the information in front of the customers most likely to engage with it.

A well-planned email marketing strategy is a key piece of a cohesive marketing strategy that also includes social media marketing and content marketing.

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