With the social injustices in the world, businesses can no longer skirt around diversifying their businesses. It’s necessary and it’s time. Here are four steps to take to implement real diversity in the workplace.

Invest in New Talent

Even if you are not in a position to hire a full time employee, paid internships is a wonderful way to introduce new and diverse talent to your team. Creating programs where diverse talent is continuously introduced within your business makes it job placement easier on both ends in the long run. Even if they do not become full time employees, they will be able to add paid work experience to their resume.

Prioritize Diverse Vendors

Be intentional about providing minorities and marginalized groups opportunities. You don’t have to fire current vendors and business partners; however, if you have a new project, find black owned or women owned vendors to meet those needs. Intentionally seek out these connections. You get to choose who works best and who could benefit the best, use this opportunity to highlight these businesses.

Get Political and Leverage Your Platform

In today’s climate, there’s no way to get around politics in the workplace. Employees want to work for a company they morally support and consumers want to support ethical and socially responsible businesses. Use social media, your voice, to amplify your stance on diversity and prove your position: funnel diverse talent through your platform, lend your platform to diverse groups to share information and shout out your diverse business partners, vendors and employees.

Raise the Ceiling

We know that diversity is lacking in leadership and management roles and the lack of diversity in these roles can no longer be ignored. Companies no longer have the luxury to blame ignorance or claim they didn’t know. It’s time to make changes in management and leadership. Giving other people space, does not take from anyone else and if we want to see change in the world, this is where real workplace diversity starts. 

Real diversity starts when you shatter the glass ceiling. 

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