Cannabis Financing Options

Believe it or not, we have options!

Every Cannabis company could use some type of capital at some point in the process.

Luckily for them, we have lending partners that look at all types of cannabis and related industries.  If you’ve been in the business since legalization first began, or if you’re new to it all together, or if you’re somewhere in-between, we can help you find a variety of facilities to meet your needs. We’ve worked with multi-state operators, dispensaries, cultivators, packagers, software developers, indoor and outdoor suppliers, etc. We can work with you too if you just drop us a line below.

Do you have what it takes to get qualified?

Multi-state Operators with large portfolios can qualify for large loans starting at $20MM and extending to $1B with rates as low as 7% and terms as long as 6 years.  Other programs we can get for our clients include:

  • Commercial real estate loans up to $10MM with 50-80% LTV at interest rates from 8%
  • Working capital loans with 6 months of business bank statements
  • Equipment financing
  • Non-recourse options

Qualifying characteristics include:

  • Have licensing place
  • Commercial Real Estate (owned or leased)
  • Professional plan and budget
  • Good character and business background
  • Show consistent and positive cash flow (historical data or projected)
  • Industry and related experience
  • Have at least 20% in liquid cash
  • Good credit history

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