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Accounts Receivable Financing

What would you do with a source of funding that grows with your sales? Could your business benefit from capital that isn’t tied to your credit score or cash flow? Accounts receivable financing from a Capital Funding Source lender could be such a solution. If you invoice your customers and give them time to pay, this powerful form of financing could help you to grow your business.

How It Works

When financing receivables, our lending partner buys your outstanding invoices. This gives you cash upfront to invest in your business growth. Then, they collect from your customers. It is that simple. So, you can use this option even if you have less-than-ideal financials.

Accounts receivable funding is one form of a working capital loan. You can use it for any business expense, such as bulk orders, expansion costs and inventory management.

The Benefits

This is a uniquely powerful source of financing. One of the biggest benefits is that you are selling an asset rather than incurring debt. These are some of the other advantages:

  • You will get cash quickly.
  • You can take on large or unexpected orders without worry.
  • There is no recourse, no personal guarantee and nothing to repay.
  • You can keep getting more money as your sales grow.
  • This is an option for almost any business.

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