There are 12 million stores specializing in e-commerce around the world with just over half generating income of more than $1000 annually. The concept of e-commerce is still in its infancy. In 2014, online sales revenue was at $1.4 trillion with the growth projections for 2021 making it a $4.5 trillion industry. eCommerce is driven by traffic converting into sales. So how can you drive more business to your e-commerce endeavor? Launching an eCommerce business can only be done after you’ve taken care of basic housekeeping.

Domain Name Creation and Registration

A web developer with custom e-commerce experience should be hired when building a website from scratch. Legal documents should be gathered. This may require a lawyer to ensure that it’s done correctly. Third-Party Hosting

Creating a website from start to finish is not in the scope of most new e-commerce businesses making platforms that assist in the process vital to aiding in the launch. BigCommerce, Spotify, and Magento are just a few third-party hosting sites that allow for ease of use with statistical data to assist in the understanding of business operations from day to day.

Stand Out in the Virtual Market

The online market is flooded. Ensure you’re offering both uniqueness and value that is distinct in order to gain new customers and retain current ones. Research the market to determine the demand of the e-commerce business you plan to open. There must be a good reason for people to buy from you. This is where the value proposition concept comes in. It gives customers and clients a clear, concise reason they can define for shopping with you as opposed to competition.

Build Up Brand Excitement

Set up social media and start building excitement about the brand before it goes live. Social media will be a valuable marketing tool once everything is live. Make the announcement when your e-commerce site is up and running. Reach out to contacts and launch an email campaign to announce your grand opening. Partner with an expert in marketing for online stores to make the task easier.

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